The Reproductive Endocrine Unit of the Department of Medicine was established in 1983 to provide a venue for the investigational, teaching and clinical activities of this rapidly expanding section of the Endocrine Division at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Building on the MGH’s longstanding record of outstanding reproductive research dating back to the time of its founder, Fuller Albright, this Unit expanded upon this tradition via the programs of its Unit Chief, Dr. William Crowley and his Faculty.

Today, the Unit continues to be the leader in clinical care and research related to reproductive endocrinology integrating both research and clinical care into their extensive training and educational programs for all aspiring and biomedical professionals.

Our distinguished faculty have established a specialized clinic called Reproductive Endocrine Associates in support of the teaching/training referral-based traditions of the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The REU has an impressive list of over 85 Postdoctoral Fellows, both PhDs and MDs and an impressive list of Fellows who have gone on to attain prominent academic positions globally.

Our Faculty is comprised of world-renowned investigators in their field.