Dr. William Crowley

Dr. William Crowley is the David K. Podolsky Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the former Chief of the Reproductive Endocrine Unit of the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Director of the Harvard-wide Reproductive Endocrine Sciences Center at Harvard Medical School; and the past Director of Clinical Research at the Massachusetts General Hospital from 1996-2014.

Dr. Crowley’s laboratory has a remarkable track record of training pre – and post-doctoral fellows (85 as of 2013) for independent careers in academic medicine and biomedical research. Over 80% of these previous trainees remain in academic settings, 50% of the trainees from 10 years ago are full Professors, and 68% are women.

In recognition of his training record, Dr. Crowley was awarded the Mentor of the Year by Women in Endocrinology in the year 2000, the first time this award was given to a man. He will also be the recipient of the Endocrine Society’s top scientific award, the Fred Conrad Koch Award, at the June 2001 Annual Meeting.

The overall goal of his laboratory over the past 35 years has been threefold: 1.) to improve the understanding of reproductive disorders affecting men and woman; 2.) to translate these pathophysiologic insights into improved treatments, for these conditions new; and 3) to teach other Physician Scientist how to perform translational research. To accomplish these tasks, he has used a wide spectrum of techniques and complementary approaches. These include using normal and disease models in the human genetics; information from the Human Genome Project: and biochemical, cellular, genetic and animal approaches wherever appropriate. 4.) To train others how to do this